Pixels to Inches Converter

Convert an image's dimensions from pixels to inches/centimetres and get an accurate idea of the size of your images when printed.

Screenshot: Pixels to Inches Converter

The Pixels to Inches Converter can be downloaded as a standalone executable Flash Player 8 Projector File - there is no need to install any Flash plugins/players!

Download the ZIP file using the link below. Your browser should then start downloading the file (it may ask you where to save it first). To use the converter just unzip the file and then run (double-click) the application file. No installation is required.

Currently the application is only available for Windows. A cross-platform (Win/Mac/Linux) version is being developed.

Download: Pixels to Inches Converter [Win] [size: 3.01MB] / 6816 downloads. Windows

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Comments (11)

  1. Beth Estopinal

    Beth Estopinal says:
    May 15, 05:03 PM | #

    Hello! This is HelenaDavidDidius from HW. I did a search today from work to convert px to inches and I got your site as a tool!

    Hope all is well.


  2. Louise

    Louise says:
    May 16, 11:44 PM | #

    Huh, how weird is that!? Hope the tool worked for you?

    All is well here, thanks. I hope all is well for you too?

  3. Tiffany Stewart

    Tiffany Stewart says:
    May 28, 03:42 PM | #

    Excellent! Saves me steps and works great!

  4. Eric

    Eric says:
    Jun 14, 06:33 PM | #

    Thanks, worked great, MS Paint should have a way to convert in inches!

  5. Ya!Wego

    Ya!Wego says:
    Jun 17, 10:37 AM | #

    i am just finding such tool, thanks

  6. David

    David says:
    Jun 19, 03:13 PM | #

    I actually cannot believe how amazing this product is. I’ve been trying to calculate 44 pixels into inches for about 3 years now and have never managed it. Thank the light I found this, I’ve now calculated 44 pixels, 46 pixels, 50 pixels and 56 pixels. I’m going to do 60 pixels next and maybe 68 pixels if I have time!

    Many thanks!

    David G

  7. Louise

    Louise says:
    Jun 19, 05:00 PM | #

    @David G: Glad to be of help. I highly recommend calculating 120 pixels next, it’s twice as much fun as 60 pixels!

  8. pete

    pete says:
    Jul 12, 06:53 AM | #

    Hi.. i’m trying to download this & keep getting a message “failed to decompress”. I’m on Mac OS X 10.5.8


  9. Louise

    Louise says:
    Jul 12, 07:39 PM | #

    @pete – I’m actually looking into this right now. I hope to have a solution soon. If I can’t find one, then I can tell you that in a few weeks I’ll have a new version of this app in a different format (a cross-platform Java app).

  10. Louise

    Louise says:
    Jul 12, 11:09 PM | #

    Update: thanks to some help from Mac users, I now know that the Macromedia Flash 8 projector files will no longer work on a Mac anyway, even if the ZIP had worked.

    Work on the cross-platform Java version will now take a greater priority.

  11. Lynn Hall

    Lynn Hall says:
    Apr 14, 12:53 PM | #

    Great tool no messing about, simple and easy.Thanks

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